Quantum state of water


In 2016 quantum scientists of the ORNL (Oak Ridge National Laboratory) have discovered a fourth state of water besides the other 3 states (liquid, solid and gas): quantum tunneling. Could this quantum discovery provide a new basic physical theory for understanding the dynamics behind this strange paranormal ITC phenomenon in water?

The strangest thing about ITC clearly visible phenomena in the water is that so many persons can capture them! It probably is a phenomenon that can be studied on an empirical scientific basis. Mostly clear animals can be seen, statistically more abundant than humans in the ITC photos.
I will show here a list of only a few ITC experimenters worldwide who have photographed these animals in all sorts of watersurfaces (with iron pans, waterbowls, etc.). But probably many more have experienced this phenomenon. (see ch.7 ANIMAL ITC).

A second strange thing that is observed by many experimenters with water ITC photos is that the entities (human or animal form) seem to be in the water itself, believe it or not!

That reminds me of some observations by the wellknown investigator of Out-of-the-body-experiences (OBE's), dr. Robert Crookall that he mentions in some of his many books about this subject of 'Astral Projection'. He speaks of experiences of 'wading through the sea', being in a 'dark river', or 'flood'. The ancient belief about the 'Styx' or river that has to be crossed by Charon, the ferryman, to the other side, also describes this 'river'. Also the ancient Egyptians mentioned on the walls of some of their tombs a river that had to be crossed by boat. Therefore they gave their beloved deceased ones sometimes model boats in their tombs, to be able to make this journey across the sea dividing the two lands, the land of the living and the land of the dead.

Could these ITC entities that are photographed in the water really be in the water themselves? Sometimes I experienced this strange phenomenon. When my dear friend, the editor Jos Spijkstra, died at 65 years of age, he apparently returned as a young boy after his death in my ITC photos (and he confirmed that by EVP messages). On some of them you can clearly see that he is following with his eyes the movements in the water with
my spatula (see below, nrs 1,2).

Also the Scole Group in England captured anomalous ITC faces in crystals. On some of these photos you can clearly see that the face is photographed within the glass of the crystal! (see below, nr.3). And ITC researchers such as the Dutch Andreas S.v.W. have sometimes photographed their living cats clearly playing in the water with a deceased cat (see below, nr.4)! That raises the question: can living cats see deceased ones directly in the water? One would think so by analyzing these photos.

When I asked the entity Robert de Bar for a proof of identity, he first asked by EVP messages: 'What should I do than?' and then next he said: 'I will walk through the waterbowl' ! (see ch.4 PROVEN IDENTITY CASES: Robert de Bar). When I examined these ITC photos at a later date I indeed saw him in the water! 

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